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Pak Yaya Sukarya’s story: overcoming the limits of injustice.
Always in the kampung Sentank Dulang, in Desa Mekarmanik, in Cimenyan, among the mountains, lives Pak Yaya Sukarya, with his wife Sutinah. He is a 76-year-old man with blue eyes burned by the sun working iron in the house. But not only.

These are unfortunate and exploited lands, which produce a pure spring water and rice terraces, but not for those who live there: the spring water is fenced by walls, property of others, as well as rice fields, so kampung residents can only work but cannot drink that water or eat that rice.

In their homes there is no water, so at his age Pak Yaya descends every morning in the rugged soils to the river to collect very heavy doses of water flowing below the river, for all the others. Every morning, in the same river where the inhabitants of the kampung have to go for a shower. Meanwhile others drink pure water sitting in their velvet lounges.[]

Stefano Romano
Kampung Sentak Dulang
Desa Mekarmanik – Kecamatan Cimanyan
BANDUNG – 15 October 2017

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