Stories from Bandung: October 2017 (1)

The story of the children of “Odesa Indonesia”: to overcome the limits of repetition.

“Odesa Indonesia” is a foundation that collects fifty preschool children of the kampung Cisanggarung and Sentak Dulang, Desa Cikadut and Desa Mekarmanik in Cimanyan. They are children who live in kampung in high mountains, and teach them English thanks to two teachers.

In their homes they don’t have television, they can never go down to town, the few families who have the parable are to listen to dangdut music. So these little girls don’t have great dreams, the ultimate in their aspiration is to become Indomaret cashier because it’s all they can see, and our dreams fall within the confines of what we see. And not only, in order to not weigh economically for families, girls are given as brides when they finish the first school cycle, at fourteen or fifteen years old, forging documents.

Therefore, this foundation teaches them English, talks about other works, like the photographer, to try to break the chain that binds them to this ever-equal life, to this vicious circle that is well summed up by one of the founders of Odesa: where the poor get married to the poor giving birth to the poor, without any evolution. Culture is always the best weapon.

Stefano Romano.
Kampung Cisanggarung
Desa Cikadut – Kecamatan Cimanyan
Bandung-15 Oktober 2017

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