Robusta Powdered Coffe for Pondok Buah Batu

PONDOK BUAHBATU: This afternoon (Monday, 2 January 2016) I, Basuki Suhardiman, and his wife came to Pondok Buah Batu Village, Mekarmanik Town, Cimenyan, Bandung (14 km from Bandung. Right below the Arcamanik forest). A farmer from a member of a farmer community showed the powdered coffee which he had processed himself after receiving training about coffee.

One of the good economic principles highlighted by Odesa Indonesia is that farmers should be able to not only sell raw products, but also process them until they are ready to brew. Before Odesa Indonesia encouraged a monitoring program there, coffee farmers there can only sell wet coffee. The first trial of Robusta coffee showed a satisfying result. Not sour. The smell was fragrant and the taste is good enough to be served for guests.

Therefore, starting from today, friends from Odesa and their guests will be served with processed coffee from Pondok Buahbatu. “Consume less factory products, and village people has to try to keep producing at least for their own consumption. Next, aim to enter the market in the city.”

Some farmers in Pondok Buahbatu had already have a background knowledge from the start, but only a little and it is not put into practice. And they realize their weaknesses. That is why every time there is a training in coffee cultivation and post-harvest treatment, the farmers of Pondok Buahbatu always listen and ask questions enthusiastically. The processed coffee will soon be brought to the next level.

Waiting for 2017 harvest season in the middle of the year, Odesa Indonesia encourages coffee farmers to put an effort in the trials. So later in the harvest season, all processed products will be ready in a massive amount. Farmers can make a progress if there is a regular monitoring and their weaknesses and strengths should be managed to produce a better result. –Faiz Manshur. (Translated by Steve, Portalkata Indonesia)

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